February 2012: Ten on Ten

It’s February, and we’ve had precisely two days of real wintery weather this year. No complaints here–I’ll take it! (54 degrees on the coast today) But when we did get a snowfall, I grabbed the camera (fast!) for this month’s ten on ten–good thing, because the snow was gone a day later.

Visit Nicki Griffith, Kansas City lifestyle photographer, and see what her winter is like so far!

Coldest morning of the winter so far!

A spectacular case of bed head.

They’re real. And not mine. Seven-year-old boys do not appreciate having lashes like this.

Snowy day!

The thisy. 7.5 years and going strong.

Boot socks. Time to head outside.

Hewitt Road sledding. It’s much warmer by now.

These boys are intense about their two days of snow.

Wet boots.

Sugar on snow, then we read from Little House in the Big Woods again. We love Laura and Mary. And sugar on snow.


5 Responses to “February 2012: Ten on Ten”

  1. Carrie Hill Says:

    Oh, Little House in the Big Woods…you’re bringing back all sorts of wonderful childhood memories for me with this 10. Thank you for that gift, and for these gorgeous images! xoxo

  2. Nicki Griffith Says:

    I just smiled. Felt like I was back in Stonington. LOVE them all.

  3. lizahall Says:

    love that you are reading little house in the big woods to your boys! looks like w great snow day!

  4. Sarah Says:

    what a LOVELY snow day! And OH those eyelashes. It’s just not fair, is it?!

  5. Maria Says:

    Love all of these shots…..those eyelashes! The intensity of your snow boys! Snow sugar dripping off of a spoon, and oh-that bedhead! Smiling over here!

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