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March Ten on Ten

March 10, 2012

I continue to love this ten on ten project–-a passionate group of lovely and amazing photographers from the United States and Canada taking ten images, one hour apart on one day out of the month, documenting life as it happens around them. On the tenth of every month, we post our ten images, and if you follow our links, you’ll make it around the whole circle. Enjoy.

Click here to see the always lovely work of

Amy Ames, Holly Springs, NC photographer.

SPRING is in the air, and clearly that is all I focused on this month during a regular old work-at-home day this week. I did take a photo of my neighborhood’s first daffodil on my morning run, but that was via iPhone so I didn’t add it here. But it sure is pretty and yellow!

A new decorative creature that crawled up on our shores recently, chosen by Will.

You mean you DON’T keep your earthly fortune in a LEGO bank?

It was a beautiful warm day, and I kept ducking outside to find photo subjects each hour, like this birch tree.

With such a mild winter, my dear Rosemary is flourishing. She’ll bloom with tiny purple flowers in May, they are delightful.

The boys were sorting their sea glass before school this morning, and one jar in particular seemed worthy of documenting today. This summer’s goal? A red piece and a purple piece.

The bane of my work-at-home existence these days.

Touring the yard, I discovered lots of green coming on the thyme.

You caught me—my Christmas cards are still up! My kitchen is under construction, so they hide the places with no trim these days. Plus, I love them. Seen here–two mystery ten on ten members! I love getting cards from all kinds of folks, but I am lucky to have cards from so many excellent photographers, too!

After school found us at the annual science fair. Henry was obsessed with the “fruit batteries.”

(It would take 40 grapefruits to power a lightbulb.)

Boy, is that husband talented. He can even write BACKWARDS with a flashlight. (Word choice his own when put on the spot–“write something! with a flashlight! slowly but not too slow!” This was the first and only take!

Happy spring, all!




Winter Fun

March 3, 2012

We haven’t had much of a winter (NO COMPLAINTS), but I do savor the wackiness of indoor play in wintertime!



And then, since we haven’t had winter weather, the outdoor stuff continues as well. We’ve been tracking Sunny the Seal, a harbor seal hanging out off the coast of Stonington boro, and while we wait, plenty of winter beachcombing is available!

Tiny seal head–Sunny was feeling shy.

Experimenting with a new photoshop script for collage-ing for the new blog coming next month. (Finally!) Sorry for all the weird sizes!

That’s Sunny on the rock. (The one without the blue hoodie and sneaks!)

(Thanks for tipping us off to our seal friend, Chelle!)