September Ten on Ten

Well. A historic moment here–this is officially the last ten on ten to be posted here–new blog is nearly ready for me! In the meantime, a spakrly summer day in Maine is what I chose for my September ten on ten–this was my birthday, and I got to spend it in Maine, and enjoyed a trip to Marshall Island, a little bit of island paradise that I dream about all winter long. It is remote, empty and makes life slow down when you are there–no cell service, no supplies, just you and the Maine coast. I have a Marshall Island sand dollar on my desk, and it always reminds me of being in this gorgeous island place.  (At the end of the day, you’ll see the Claremont Hotel Boathouse in Southwest Harbor, Maine–another place I’d love to be on a sparkly day like this!

Enjoy another look at Maine with photographer Liza Hall as you go around our circle! Happy September, and happy back to school–may you all have a Marshall Island to dream of this winter!


3 Responses to “September Ten on Ten”

  1. Nicki Griffith Says:

    love, love, love. i don’t know what that cocktail is but it has my name all over it! I love the blues in your images – gorgeous and those kids are pretty darn cute too.

  2. Liza Hall Says:

    you are killing me with these…want to make them bigger but can’t??? this is such tease…. i will have to look at these again when your new site is live! which i loved the preview of, btw! i am dying to see that harbor shot especially, you are rocking the skies and landscapes!! what lens were you using? loving your work lately miz sawin!

  3. howidoeverythingright Says:

    your photos are breathtaking!

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