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Baby faces

January 28, 2008

I had a great weekend visit with college friends for our annual Christmas (or thereabouts) gift swap and a surprise baby shower at the same time. Friends came from all over to gather together just a few months before our fifteenth college reunion, and we had great fun—and great food, too, of course.


The pregnant mama-to-be is glowing with anticipation (and still learning what to do with her baby gear, as you can see) and we’re all thrilled about the arrival of the newest baby in the group.


But in case you needed a visual reminder of how fleeting babyhood is, some of the original babies of this group have somehow turned into big, beautiful grown-up girls now.



It was impossible to pass up taking photos of these fresh faces, all while remembering what it was like to hold each one of them as newborns. SIGH.


These sweeties are my Best Shot Monday. For more Best Shot Monday and children growing faster than you can believe, click here.



Three peas in a pod

November 12, 2007


Bet not too many of you have been to a triplet baby shower, have you?

It is just like a singleton shower, with lots of cute ideas like this candle holder,


except that there tend to be lots of cute things in threes,


It says TRIPLE FUN! 

like these beautiful handmade quilts:


and onesies like these.


Here’s the lovely triplet mom-to-be (and my guest blogger) and her husband (and his new gang hand signal, cause he rolls like that)


and the belly, because that’s what you’re all interested in, right?


Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Triplets at 21 weeks, with many more weeks to go, we hope. (She went right back inside and sat down again as soon as this photos was taken. ) And this is my Best Shot Monday, or as Amily called it, Big Shot Monday!

Happy babies!