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Not one pirate treasure cake, but two

June 30, 2008

Please welcome my college friend Sarah, mother of about-to-be-four twin boys. She’s here with her gorgeous photos for Best Shot Monday and for a little party-planning therapy.

* * *

Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m a kids’ birthday party planning addict. Honestly, I don’t plan to throw a crazy complicated and over-the-top party each year. In fact, I usually announce in the wake of my twin boys’ birthday party that I am DONE. That, next year, the kids are going to have to be happy with cake and a pizza at home with family and that’s IT. But I always give in and I always get in way over my head.

Case in point: this year, I’m wanting to try to make their birthday cake myself. Worse still, it’s a pirate-themed party and I keep lingering over photos of a treasure chest birthday cake, thinking “it really would be so fabulous to make that” even while the remaining sane part of my brain is shrieking, “what is WRONG with you? Just call the bakery like you always do!”

Let’s look back for a moment.

First birthday party: we had a shrimp boil. The boys both got a little scared when we sang happy birthday to them, and just as they got their cake, it started pouring down rain, making it even more unbearably humid (we live in Mississippi, so really, we know unbearable humidity here).

Second birthday party: Meant to be “just family” but it, um, got out of hand. Plus one of the boys had a massive allergic reaction to a bugbite on or near an eyelid, causing him to look just like Rocky and I do not exaggerate one single bit about this. So those are some charming photos.
Third birthday party: actually quite fun, we had a luau at a candy shop, but we overlooked the sugar high thing and as a result, I am pretty sure we are the reason the candy shop instituted new rules for having birthday parties on-site.

So now we’re gearing up for their fourth birthday party. And, like a fool, I’m back in the saddle. I’ve mailed out the invitations, ordered up a mess of stuff from Oriental Trading Company, and spent an entire weekend downloading Pirate-ish fonts just for the thank you notes. Oh, plus the aforementioned treasure chest birthday cake thing (seriously, y’all, I have been test baking layer cakes for a few weeks to see if I might could actually manage it.).

In my defense, I would like to point out that a book I recently read about the emotional development and well-being of twins strongly recommends giving twins individual birthday parties, and I literally put the book down and laughed for an hour straight. I’m SO not falling for that. Though, perhaps I will make each of the boys a birthday cake. Which, if you’re keeping count, would mean now I may be making two treasure chest birthday cakes.

When Sarah isn’t busy chasing twin boys and planning parties, she is busy dreaming up creative new designs for her shop, Miniblisscakes.

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She makes it look easy

March 24, 2008

Yesterday I took just one frame of Will’s beautiful and cooperative cousin as she lounged in the spring sunshine, and I got this lovely shot.


Today I find out if newborn TRIPLET boys will be as cooperative.

What do YOU think?

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Windows of the soul

February 24, 2008

Battling technology and CV joints here. Also, playing in the snow and celebrating our new swimmer, Will, who paddled free of my grip this weekend, on purpose!

What’s new with you?

For Best Shot Monday, I experimented with a little photo technique I like to call GETTINGREALLYCLOSE.

H & W’s cousin Nora was, as always, an extraordinarily patient model.


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It’s a good thing they can be so sweet

January 21, 2008

Because some days I need a good reminder as to why we keep them.




And yes, those are corn kernels sticking to their bodies.

And yes, they ran around around the house after this picture was taken, scattering corn kernels everywhere.

And yes, they were EATING them off the floor.

Which wouldn’t be so bad if it was, you know, PRISTINE.

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Closing out 2007

January 7, 2008

So this is the real start of the new year. A full week without holiday breaks and Christmas cookies and presents and parties. And frankly, I’m ready.

I’m not one of those people that holds onto Christmas long past Dec. 25, and all the lush decorations and special holiday treats start to feel like too much excess in the bright new light of the dawning year.

I’m famous in my family for objecting to Christmas decorations left up long past their time (like FEBRUARY, folks, I’m not talking about next week, in case you think I’m the ultimate Scrooge), and I think I may have accidentally passed that gene on to Will. Driving through our brightly lit village last night, Christmas tree on the left, garland and lights on the right, he cried, “Why do they still have their lights up? It ISN’T CHRISTMAS ANYMORE!”

* * *

I was trying, without any success, to get a photo of the two boys representing Christmas 2007. Just really looking for anything with them in the same frame, actually. NO LUCK.

Then they got interested in this glass ornament hanging in the window. I didn’t say it had to show their faces, did I?


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Maybe I should have offered more candy

December 3, 2007

This was this week’s lesson in my photo class, or at least my execution of it. I don’t think it is quite what the instructor had in mind, but it is what it is.*


“Capturing a range of emotions” or as portrayed here, “Capturing silly faces until your child falls and cries and then add a frame of that into the assignment.” I wonder if I get bonus points for tears?


Bring on the critique, though I can see so much wrong with the processing and other stuff that we might as well just play I Spy…digital haze! color casts! soft focus on face and sharp focus on hat! Distracting background on chair!

Sigh. I think I need to switch to photographing bowls of fruit. Because they DON’T MOVE.

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*Little known fact—phrase may well have been coined by Mike. Last heard used by Tila Tequila on her train wreck of a TV show. Or so I’ve heard.

Maria’s Best Shot Monday

October 8, 2007

Guest Blogger #2: Maria

Anna has taken a vacation from the world of blogging and is traveling to points north or “Down East” as they say. She has asked me to write a guest-entry, which, with some trepidation, I have agreed to write. My name is Maria. I am a wife, a mother, and a Physician Assistant in an Emergency Department.  And yes, I do have some stories from the E.R. that I could tell, but they are not as juicy as the ones you can already see on ER_ or Grey’s Anatomy which I do admit to  watching. So, no ER stories today.

Before agreeing to this blog-writing task, I did inform Anna of my diagnosis of A.T.D. (Acute Technical Difficulties) when it comes to computers.  She, in turn, acknowledged that she was well aware of this trait, as she should be since it is Anna that often has to talk me down from the proverbial roof of computer-confusion and despair.  More about this another time (IF I’m asked back!). Let it suffice to say that Anna has assured me that SHE will handle whatever goes into posting this little ditty.  What you need to know is that recently my mid-nineties model computer had a lengthy and painful demise, and I had to say goodbye to Windows 95 (Yes, I said Windows 95 which was a PERFECTLY GREAT PROGRAM in 1995) and join the ranks of THE NEW WORLD with a new computer! With which I I could read BLOGS! and find a place in the back of the computer that actually could accommodate a USB port!, which meant an IPOD!  And digital photography!  I’m smitten.

Anna and I met many moons ago during our freshman year in college.  We became friends while spending hours together running on the college cross-country team (our coach was fond of forcing us to run with a brick in each hand to hone our appreciation for the work the arms do in making a person run faster), and attending biology classes, and studying for these classes, and biology labs (which included a semester of caring for generations of FRUIT FLIES as a study in genetics) as we worked towards our biology majors. (As an aside, I STILL wonder where they come from when I see them in my fruit bowl on the counter..or do YOU not have that little problem?)

For those of you that know Anna personally, you will probably agree with my description of her (and if you WERE to disagree, you probably aren’t reading her blog anyway).  Anna is one of the most genuine people you will ever know.  She has a quiet intensity and sincerity and applies it to all of her endeavors: motherhood and family, her work, her hobbies. She is humble. She makes time to READ fiction (and non), and write (she knows all the best fonts), take photographs, enjoy the ocean, take walks, play Scrabble, grow beautiful gardens, sing karaoke (she hasn’t been asked back in awhile), knit (AND purl), bake bread (almost daily), research topics that might help her children, her family or a friend, and to cultivate and care about her friendships—among other things, Anna is a true Renaissance woman.


Last Day of Summer

After 17 years, we are still friends.  Despite all the life events that have occurred during this time, and how much closer our friendship is today, seventeen years feels like a moment. Please bear with me during this rather clumsy segue, but if I think 17 years feels like a moment, imagine what the man in the following picture thinks about 17 years or 69 years (number of years married to his wife Rose) or ONE HUNDRED YEARS (number of birthdays celebrated)!



My one-hundred-year-old grandfather as a young boy.


Today with his great-grandson.

My grandfather turned 100 two weeks ago, and continues to be physically strong and mentally sharp.  He attributes this milestone to working hard and eating well (kudos to my grandmother) his whole life.  So there you have it, folks! The secret to the fountain of youth.  Enjoy this photo of the oldest (100 years old) and the youngest (7 months old) members of my family.  Also, remember to somehow enjoy each day.

As the quote on my mom’s refrigerator says, “Today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.”

Respectfully submitted while Anna is frolicking up north,

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