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Go someplace else

March 12, 2008

Just for today! Read these other great bloggers and then come back and I promise I will be less busy! and more fun!  really!

Remember Mr. Nice Guy? Who quit blogging for a while, then missed us so much he came back? He came clean with his identity and has a parenting blog at, I, Breeder. And he is still just as funny. And now with more gestation, as they are expecting Baby Nice Guy #2 in the family.

Speaking of more gestation, Amalah is pregnant with number two! It’s been a long time coming, as fans of Amy’s blog know. Same for Julie at A Little Pregnant, pregnant with number two via a donor egg. Which sounds so crass to just SAY like that, but folks, she has a whole BLOG about it. And other things, too, check her out.

And for lyrical, passionate, beautiful writing, try Kate at Sweet/Salty. Even her funny is just lovely. I can’t do her justice, see for yourself.

And I have to give a shout to a brand-new momma blogger, Katherine at MommaMov. She’s funny, busy busy busy and tells it like it is. Her oldest is 22 months and already has a younger sibling, which makes me swallow hard and grab the nearest table for support, because I can’t imagine Henry having a younger sibling. But then I remember that Will was 22 months when Henry showed up. How, exactly, did we survive that?

And because there is nothing like looking at crafty blogs when you are the farthest thing from crafty, check out the gorgeous quilts (and beautiful babies) at Apple Cyder and the unfathomable knitting at Yarn Harlot. Oh my.

Well anyway, that should give you something to chew on for a day.

See you soon.


1. Henry slept through the night.

2. Twice

3. We may keep him.