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I stopped counting at 25,000

March 3, 2008
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William, age 3 1/2
February 2008
Henry, age 20 months
February 2008
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My name is Anna and I have a confession. I have taken more than 25,000 digital photos since 2004.

That felt good.

Given my recent stab at organizing and the fact that the biggest flaw in my organizing system is what I do with PHOTOS, I am posting this on a Monday in hopes that the Best Shot Monday folks will take pity on me and share their digital photo workflow.

Or if you don’t call it that, share with me What You Do With All Those Darn Pitchers In Yer Camera After You Take ‘Em.

I’m not even sure I can confess what my embarrassing lack of a system is, since it involves PhotoShop, iPhoto, online backup, backup to an external drive and ancillary folders cluttering my desktop like Blog, Blog Resized, Photos to File, More Photos To File, SlideShow 06 and Oh, So That’s Where That Photo Is.


I CAN tell you the one tool in my system that really works for me is SmugMug. SmugMug is really great for the photo geek types, both amateur and pro, and has AMAZING customer service, easy interfaces and beautiful photo galleries. I highly recommend it. I back all my photos up there, and choose which ones I want to share online, all in one step.

And now that you have a recommendation from me, tell me what you do! What are your steps, particularly if you do any post processing on your images. What percentage of your images do you process? How do you label and store originals and then the processed images? Do you use Lightroom? Have you tried Photo Mechanic? Do you use iPhoto? Do you get prints of your photos or just for the grandparents? Do you allow yourself only a certain number of prints per year or month, or do you print everything? If you are a pro, how do you handle your client images vs. your personal family images?

And, if all those questions above mean nothing to you, I want to hear what you do, too! I envy simplicity, really.

P.S. I got a new camera yesterday, a Canon 30D. I have taken about 26 pictures so far, mostly of the laundry basket and my foot, while I try to figure it out. But I can already tell I am going to LOVE IT.

P.P.S. If all of this is just giving you a headache, just go see some more photos at Best Shot Monday.