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Super boys

April 22, 2010

Kids around here (like Will and his visiting friend) can jump pretty high….

higher than a HOUSE, even.

This kept them occupied FOREVER!  They just love the instant gratification of digital cameras. They kept checking their progress to see how high they could fly.

Then they enjoyed the soft green grass, you know, when you get tired of jumping.

All except for my little Icarus, Henry, who was too busy building.  He spent the better part of the afternoon constructing a “flying machine” out of a plastic costume belt, a wooden toy road sign, a piece of our new wood flooring and nearly all of my Scotch tape.

Then he took it for one glorious test spin before it fell apart.

And then we welcomed our long-gone neighbors home from their ash-cloud-extended visit to England. Fresh off the plane, jumping off the rock seemed like a fine idea.

All in all, a very good spring day.


Happy holiday week

December 30, 2009

We’re having a great week–hope you are, too!


March 7, 2009


I’ve been weeding through photographs, and keep making perfectly delightful discoveries along the way—like these, for example!

This is my cousin, Alanna, and her son, Justin, at our house at Christmas. I can always count on my cousin Alanna for any number of things—her excellent writing, her brilliant wit (any of her Facebook friends would agree) her ability to cram more things into a week than most people do in a year (she’s a single mom, a triathalete, a student and she works full-time) and our shared appreciation for food—but she is also my go-to for figuring out exactly how I am related to my cousin’s child and how my children are related to him. First cousin, twice removed? No idea.

But Alanna will know.



Blame that fussy baby new year

January 1, 2009

Since life has conspired to keep me from finishing my now annual photo roundup of the year just past, I give you last year’s as a place holder.

You know, in case you had nothing else to do for a few minutes.

Click HERE.

I hope to finish it by tomorrow. Got any good song suggestions for me? I’m having a hard time topping the one I used last year.

Happy new year to you all!

Not one pirate treasure cake, but two

June 30, 2008

Please welcome my college friend Sarah, mother of about-to-be-four twin boys. She’s here with her gorgeous photos for Best Shot Monday and for a little party-planning therapy.

* * *

Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m a kids’ birthday party planning addict. Honestly, I don’t plan to throw a crazy complicated and over-the-top party each year. In fact, I usually announce in the wake of my twin boys’ birthday party that I am DONE. That, next year, the kids are going to have to be happy with cake and a pizza at home with family and that’s IT. But I always give in and I always get in way over my head.

Case in point: this year, I’m wanting to try to make their birthday cake myself. Worse still, it’s a pirate-themed party and I keep lingering over photos of a treasure chest birthday cake, thinking “it really would be so fabulous to make that” even while the remaining sane part of my brain is shrieking, “what is WRONG with you? Just call the bakery like you always do!”

Let’s look back for a moment.

First birthday party: we had a shrimp boil. The boys both got a little scared when we sang happy birthday to them, and just as they got their cake, it started pouring down rain, making it even more unbearably humid (we live in Mississippi, so really, we know unbearable humidity here).

Second birthday party: Meant to be “just family” but it, um, got out of hand. Plus one of the boys had a massive allergic reaction to a bugbite on or near an eyelid, causing him to look just like Rocky and I do not exaggerate one single bit about this. So those are some charming photos.
Third birthday party: actually quite fun, we had a luau at a candy shop, but we overlooked the sugar high thing and as a result, I am pretty sure we are the reason the candy shop instituted new rules for having birthday parties on-site.

So now we’re gearing up for their fourth birthday party. And, like a fool, I’m back in the saddle. I’ve mailed out the invitations, ordered up a mess of stuff from Oriental Trading Company, and spent an entire weekend downloading Pirate-ish fonts just for the thank you notes. Oh, plus the aforementioned treasure chest birthday cake thing (seriously, y’all, I have been test baking layer cakes for a few weeks to see if I might could actually manage it.).

In my defense, I would like to point out that a book I recently read about the emotional development and well-being of twins strongly recommends giving twins individual birthday parties, and I literally put the book down and laughed for an hour straight. I’m SO not falling for that. Though, perhaps I will make each of the boys a birthday cake. Which, if you’re keeping count, would mean now I may be making two treasure chest birthday cakes.

When Sarah isn’t busy chasing twin boys and planning parties, she is busy dreaming up creative new designs for her shop, Miniblisscakes.

For more Best Shot Monday, head over to Slurping Life, where Melody is guest hosting Best Shot Monday while Tracey is on vacation. I know, so complicated, all this guest stuff. Work with me here.

Food Friday: A Roundup of Summer Birthday Cupcakes for Kids

June 13, 2008

Poor Henry—he’s been two for a few days and we haven’t yet given him any chocolate cake to shove in his face yet. (I did make good on my chocolate promise and gave him a few chocolate chips before bed on his birthday. “YUMMY!” he reported.)

We celebrated with ice cream and presents this week, and he had cupcakes at school, but we’re focused on Sunday for a combined birthday/Father’s Day celebration and I HAVE BEEN BUSY, mostly just drooling over the choices out there in kid heaven on the web.

Will had a cake full of sea creatures that we made here at home when he turned two, but with Henry, I’m going simple and doing cupcakes. I was leaning towards dogs and cats, but then I turned to the glorious Internet and have you SEEN what’s out there?

Butterfly cupcakes
(We had these beauties at an April birthday party, and creative mom used white yogurt-covered pretzels, very pretty.)

Hedgehog Cupcakes

Should you ever need to know how, here are instructions for making a HEDGEHOG cupcake. Someone, someday will google that and I will BE HERE READY with that handy information.

Flag Cupcakes
Perfect for a birthday anywhere near Memorial Day, Flag Day or July 4.

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Though even as a child this struck me as being a little redundant (cake inside a cone), they sure are cute.

Clown Cupcakes

If there are any kids out there who don’t think clowns are creepy. These cupcakes, however, are not creepy.

Shark & Beach Cupcakes

I’m so making these. Probably for MY summer birthday.

Froggy Fun Cupcakes

If only I had known about these when Will, dubbed Froggy in utero, turned one. I just couldn’t visualize a frog-green cake, so I opted for the safe, white haven of piped organic cream cheese frosting with egg-free, milk-free organic carrot cake baked into a sheep mold. Hey, we take our food allergies seriously in our family.

Lollipop Cupcakes

These are too sweet for words. Literally. I can think of lots of little ones who would love these.

Fishy Cupcakes

What kid ISN’T a fish fanatic?

Bug Cupcakes

LOVE these. I wish I could make these for Henry, but I don’t want to traumatize him. He runs from flies and bees, saying, “Scary!”

Okay, I need to figure out which ones I’m making and get cracking! Oh, how I love cakes and cupcakes. This was so much fun I think I need to make this a regular event. In the meantime, I have a date with some chocolate buttercream.

Feeling fun and funky

May 27, 2008

Having fun altering reality with these super funky (at least for me) vintagey, color burst and sepia Photoshop actions by lovely and amazing photographers Laura Pearce and Ree of Pioneer Woman.

Thank you for sharing them!

It takes an ice cream outing to get these two to stop moving.

What’s your favorite funky foto technique?

Ginger turtles!

May 22, 2008

The sweet, endearing mispronunciations of childhood might be one of my favorite parts of parenting. The mistakes are so earnest, yet so fleeting. I can barely stand it when the proper pronunciation actually emerges, because it is such a clear reminder of how fast the time passes. As soon as the whole household has gotten used to saying eeebeeeance (ambulance) and hornich (sandwich, according to our now nine-year-old friend Lydia at one time), the word suddenly and sadly becomes clear, and they have taken another microstep away from childhood.

Last week Henry shed the second nickname he had bestowed upon his buddies Gabby and Olivia. They were once Baggy and La La, and out of the blue last week, Henry announced we’d be going to Olivia’s house. “La La’s house?” I asked, hopefully. “OLIVIA’S house,” he replied, firmly, with a clear attitude of “Can’t you say it right, lady? ” (Baggy is the same one who tagged Henry “Heiney” at the age of two, so it only seemed fair that he would come up with something good for her.) Marfa (Martha) and Camel (Campbell)? Sorry–he’s not going to be corrected by me!

But we still have some of the best ones ahead of us. Henry is steadfast in his belief that a zebra is a WEEBRA! And it is almost criminal to hear the word he shouts when he spots the fox that occasionally makes an early morning detour through our yard.

And while Will might never say eebeeance again, he has picked up a habit you won’t catch me correcting, of saying knifES and mouthES, pronouncing the plural just as it’s written. And I’m not sure what I love more: that my not yet four-year-old son knows what ginger is, or that he refers to the plastic “Ninja Turtle” that he has befriended in his child care setting as a Ginger Turtle.

So the first one out there that corrects him will have ME to reckon with. Me and a whole platoon of Ginger Turtles.

Come on, warm my heart–what are the kids in your life mispronouncing these days, or what are your favorite ones from their past?

Parts and pieces

May 12, 2008

Sometimes I can’t decide

if I love all the individual

parts and pieces of them

more, or if it’s the

whole delicious whole that I love the most.

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Milk face

April 10, 2008

So Stacy over at Land of KA is an excellent and generous photographer who shares photo tips each week on Saturdays, and then encourages you to put them into practice at Theme Thursdays each week.

I am rarely organized enough to make a photo that would emerge from my camera meet the theme of the week, but this time it has worked perfectly!

I took photos of beautiful Derya and her brother a few weeks ago.

I was so taken by her beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes that I didn’t notice that she had just had a glass of milk, and as nearly-three-year-old kids do, she had a little remnant of it around her chin and mouth.

Call it childhood, call it honesty, but wouldn’t it be great to wave a magic wand (or a clone or patch tool in PhotoShop) and remove the evidence of the milk? I think these web resolution photos are too small to let you see her milk beard (It is making the focus look a little softer, actually, interesting effect!), but trust me, in the full size images, it is there. (Probably most evident in the last one.)

So even though Stacey gave us all kinds of ideas for fixing imperfections in her post this week, I’m at a loss. What tool would you use to clean up her lovely, milky chin? If you can actually see it and want to play with the photo, send it to me and I will post it here with credit. Or I can send you the high res file.

And thank you, Derya, for letting us learn on your beautiful face! 🙂

Triple the fun

March 26, 2008


Introducing, in birth order and birth size,

Alexander (Sandy), Philip and Griffin.

It was a sweet treat to spend a day hanging out with these three little fellas and their mom and grandma. And these perfect gentlemen cooperated perfectly for their photos, fed all at the same time on a schedule,  slept when we wanted them to sleep (mostly), woke up when we wanted them to wake up and didn’t even pee on us. Who said triplets are hard?

(I kid, I kid. I was only there for the daylight hours.)

I haven’t yet made my way through the many, many photos we took, but here are a few of my favorites so far, making their debut here at Hank & Willie. Depending on how you look at it, the boys are six weeks old here or—adjusted for their early arrival—just one week old.

(I’ll post more once mom and dad have seen them all, I don’t want to give away anything they might be using for their announcement!)

So my conclusion after spending a day with triplets? The only thing sweeter than a week-old baby is three of them. Seriously.

Congratulations, A & T, on your beautiful, healthy family!



Position clearly not endorsed by two out of three triplets.


Giving us a run for it










Again with the poop

February 27, 2008

There is a certain karma surrounding me these days, and it seems to have a whole lot to do with poop.

For example, a friend sent me this not too long ago, and I smiled and shook my head while reading, thinking “there but for the grace of God go I.”

There was Henry and his poobacle (poop-debacle) last month.

And then recently, my husband was changing Henry’s diaper, and our little prodigy tried to wiggle off the changing table, saying “Potty, potty!”

So we put him on the little potty and cheered—and then cheered again when, holy sh*t, he pooped in the potty. At 19 months. Kind of like getting a hole in one the first time you play golf.

Fast forward to the other night, when he asked to sit on the potty again, and I obliged. And he pooped, but got up AT THE SAME TIME. And walked around the bathroom.

And subsequently learned to say, “Oh, no! Mess!”

P.S. Thank you so much for all the insight into your organizational lives. Keep those comments coming, please!