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Maine in pictures. Part 2.

November 13, 2008

Soooo, after shooting like a crazy person all fall, I have about eleventy billion photos to post. Pull up a chair and stay awhile, won’t you? JUST KIDDING.

I did just notice that I said Maine, Part 1 a few weeks ago, which suggests there ought to be a part 2. And there is.

Ellen and other Maine types who will be interested, I am actually going to send you the link to the rest of these early next week, can you believe it? Oh, and our summer photos will be in there, too. You are awfully patient with me.


Will at the coolest playground in Maine, possibly in the world.


Henry and Jake at the picnic table.


Sweet Caroline at the playground.


Jack and Will going for big air.


She actually does have two arms. Really.


Because you can never have enough jumping photos.







Thank you for a wonderful visit, we loved it!


Vacation: The Aftermath

July 9, 2008

I have…

…seen a little boy’s dream come true: a candy-filled pinata hanging from a digger.

…600 plus photos to wade through.

…four small pieces of Maine granite on my washing machine, removed from various pockets, also one half of a sand dollar, three bird feathers and a snail shell. Relieved to find no dessicated snail inside.

…funny pictures of loveable, goofy kids.

…seen harbor seals, blue skies, kids splashing in lakes, green waves, osprey nests, outdoor showers, kids playing in mud, foggy mornings and beautiful dinners.

…heard the sounds of not one but two two-year-olds singing “happy birthday” over and over again.

…eaten my weight in blueberry pancakes, fresh strawberries, popovers, chocolate birthday cake and lobster. Oh, and butter.

…picked (and cut!) at least 10,000 strawberries.

…no need to ever hear “Blueberries for Sal” on tape again.

…watched kids flee from their dinner.

…4,869,596,381 grains of sand in car, bags, house and washing machine.

…witnessed brotherly love (ouch!)

…captured four cousins in a tree…

…three brothers on a deck…

…and two brothers back home again.

And millions of great stories and happy memories.

Thanks, guest bloggers, for doing such a stand-up job of taking over here—I think I could take the whole summer off!

Gotta go, I have a few more pictures to sort through…more tomorrow!