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Gametime in tripletville!

February 12, 2008



It’s a big day in triplet town—after a healthy 35-week pregnancy, Amily and Tyler’s triplets are being delivered this morning!

While we wait for the news, and send them our best baby vibes for three healthy newborns (apologies if you don’t know them and you’re just here looking for a brownie recipe), here are a few pre-triplet Amily and Tyer photos to enjoy.

And, what’s your guess on gender? I say it’s going to be one girl and two boys. Because who wouldn’t want two boys?


Amily at nearly 32 weeks—and she made it three more weeks after this photo! Can you believe this lady is carrying triplets? She looks FANTASTIC!


“T & A” at 21 weeks, Nov. 2007


Amily & Tyler’s wedding, 2004



Some of the rowdier guests at their wedding.


Wedded bliss! Maine, June 2004

We’re so thrilled for you, Amily and Tyler!

Lots of love from the whole crew at H & W


Sorry ladies, he’s taken

December 4, 2007

When I dropped Will off at nursery school the other day, a darling little diva of a girl—resplendent in red velvet active wear, chestnut curls springing over her shoulders and shoes I would die for—made a beeline for Will and said to him, “Will! I am going to marry YOU!”

You can see why, can’t you?