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April 28, 2009

As I’m looking at that last blog post, where I tell you that I hope the next update I give you about the twins in our family will be many weeks from now, I just have to wonder a little about karma.

As of yesterday morning at 6:39 a.m., my sister is no longer home or pregnant. She and her husband, are, however, the proud parents of a girl and boy, born nearly 10 weeks premature. As many of you saw on Facebook, the initial reports are good and stable, so we will hope and pray for continued good news on the baby front as these little ones grow and mature. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and words of congratulations!

* * * *

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, look who we had at our place this weekend!


We had a summit of some of our favorite friends, some with babies and kids, many of them meeting for the first time. Will reveled in his role as oldest, as you can see.

(Henry was unavailable for his closeup, he picked this day to debut a stomach bug, previously unseen in our home.)


A girl after my own heart. (Of COURSE we had cupcakes, thank you Sarah and Rush!)




This trio, now 14 months old, made their long-awaited debut in our state with their adventurous and completely laid-back parents. We’re so glad you came!


And the last time you saw this guy, he was about half the size and sleeping. We’ve been waiting for his visit, too, thanks for coming, River!


And even though Lil just came from across town, we’re so glad she was here, too.


Next time? We just need to add all the friends we missed this time, and at least two more sets of twins when they are ready to join this mayhem!


Theme Thursday: Multiple Multiples

October 2, 2008

This week’s Theme Thursday theme over at photographer Stacy’s is MULTIPLE and I just had to participate since I had a ready-made entry—these fantastic triplet boys, taken way back in March when they were just weeks old. Now, of course, these handsome fellas are so grown up they are practically ready to drive and go to the prom.

I think these are new shots to the H & W world—I held back on some until Mom & Dad had chosen for their birth announcement. And if they aren’t new? Who can’t gaze in wonder at newborn triplet boys again?

If anyone local knows of twins or trips on the way, let me know, I would LOVE the chance to get some practice working with multiples again. Double or triple the fun, for sure!

For more interpretations of multiple, click over to Theme Thursday.

Vacation: The Aftermath

July 9, 2008

I have…

…seen a little boy’s dream come true: a candy-filled pinata hanging from a digger.

…600 plus photos to wade through.

…four small pieces of Maine granite on my washing machine, removed from various pockets, also one half of a sand dollar, three bird feathers and a snail shell. Relieved to find no dessicated snail inside.

…funny pictures of loveable, goofy kids.

…seen harbor seals, blue skies, kids splashing in lakes, green waves, osprey nests, outdoor showers, kids playing in mud, foggy mornings and beautiful dinners.

…heard the sounds of not one but two two-year-olds singing “happy birthday” over and over again.

…eaten my weight in blueberry pancakes, fresh strawberries, popovers, chocolate birthday cake and lobster. Oh, and butter.

…picked (and cut!) at least 10,000 strawberries.

…no need to ever hear “Blueberries for Sal” on tape again.

…watched kids flee from their dinner.

…4,869,596,381 grains of sand in car, bags, house and washing machine.

…witnessed brotherly love (ouch!)

…captured four cousins in a tree…

…three brothers on a deck…

…and two brothers back home again.

And millions of great stories and happy memories.

Thanks, guest bloggers, for doing such a stand-up job of taking over here—I think I could take the whole summer off!

Gotta go, I have a few more pictures to sort through…more tomorrow!

Greetings from Tripletville!

July 2, 2008
Remember my friend Amily, who guest blogged last fall about expecting triplets? And you all cheered her on when they arrived in February and again when I got to take their photos? So many of you have asked for updates, so here she is again, now as the mama of three beautiful, healthy triplet boys.

Hello from babyland!

Anna asked me to write an update on life with triplets, so I thought I would share a typical day. The three little guys are 4.5 months now and are growing like crazy. Every day they seem to discover something new (hands, tongues, mouths, hands in mouth) and they are becoming very interactive these days. They love to coo and smile (though the smiles seem hard to capture on camera!).

We are still living with my folks (now at the beach for the summer) and our plan is to be in our own home sometime this fall. It has been such a blessing to have my parents help. We are firm believers of the “it takes a village” approach to life with multiple babies. We are very lucky that we all get along so well and that all members of my family willingly help out when they can. I really don’t know how we would have survived this far without my mom’s help in particular — she is amazing!

Here is a typical day (if you can call any day with triplets “typical!”):

Our day begins between 5:00 – 5:30 a.m.for the first feeding. We rotate who gets up for this first feeding — my mom and I are usually the two who take turns, but my husband and dad also pitch in on weekends and get into the rotation. Around 7 a.m., all three go back to sleep and usually sleep until somewhere between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. This is the most productive time of the day for the rest of us: we make up the bottles* (we mix about 100 oz of Earth’s Best organic formula for 12 bottles for the day), throw in the never ending piles of laundry, eat breakfast, shower, check email, and outline any tasks that need to get done (ex. pay bills, write thank you notes, plan my sister’s upcoming September wedding, etc.).

The next feeding is usually between 10 – 11 a.m. Then it is lunch time for the grown-ups! Sometimes, the boys will catch a quick cat nap from 11:00/11:30 until we go for our walk and sometimes they are awake until our walk. Usually, between 12:30 – 1 p.m., we leave for a walk. I love our walks. My mom and I take turns pushing the triple stroller (whoever did the early shift gets to push the babies, and whoever slept in gets to walk the dogs…trust me the preferred choice is the babies since the dogs like to sniff and bark at every leaf and bush we pass).

The next feeding is usually between 2 and 3 p.m. Then the boys go back down for a nap around 4 p.m. This is the shortest nap of the day — ranges from 45 minutes to two hours…but usually is closer to 45 -60 minutes. This is just enough time to get our dinner ready. Yes, 5 p.m. is cocktail time in our home! And dinner starts around 5:15-5:30 p.m. On weekends, sometimes we dine as late as 6:30 p.m…but then we all eat holding a baby (which we still often do no matter what time we eat).

The last feeding of the day starts around 7 or 7:30 p.m. and they are down for the night by 8:30 or 9 p.m. At the last feeding, the boys eat sweet potato and rice or carrots and rice.

So, that is a day in the life. On paper, it sort-of sounds smooth and easy, huh? Just kidding. It’s a lot of work. When all three boys are awake and want to play (or be held), it can get very exhausting, but it is so much fun! I love every minute with them and we’re having a great time.

I am finding that you have to be very organized with multiples and you must be a relatively savvy online shopper because we do not go anywhere with the boys, except the pediatrician’s office. I go days and weeks without getting into a car (I love it and maybe I am offsetting our diaper** footprint by conserving gas…), but it is a huge adjustment

My friends with one baby say that you still can go shopping and run errands and maybe even go out for dinner?! But with three? Why would I ever attempt to take three babies anywhere?! You need multiple adults to keep life running smoothly. I am lucky that we have easy access to farmer’s markets and that my mom, dad and husband shop for groceries (and champagne for cocktail hour!), since my primary focus is the babies.

The past year has been an unbelievably amazing journey from learning that we were expecting three, delivering three healthy and good sized babies at 35 weeks (6lbs, 5lbs, 4oz, and 5lbs), having all three come home with me from the hospital after four days (no extra hospital stay for any of the babies!), and to adjusting to life with three bouncing baby boys. It has been incredible and we thank our lucky stars for our three little ones. Each day brings more and more smiles to our faces and I just love being a mom!


*We use Dr. Brown’s bottles for two of the boys and the third drinks out of Playtex drop-ins. I (naively) assumed that all bottles work the same (no, they do not — we started with Avent and Born Free and Dr. Brown’s really DO make a difference) and then I (naively) assumed that all babies would like the same bottle system (no, again…which is why one of our guys drinks out of Playtex drop-ins). [Note, we use glass and the “good” plastic Dr. Brown’s bottles, and the plastic of the drop-ins are also the “good plastic.”]

**I could tell you how many diapers we go through…but it is very depressing! We tried cloth diapers and earth-friendly diapers and we have discovered Huggies work the best!

P.S. I realized I did not mention ALL THE GEAR we own!! If anyone is interested, we are firm believers in buying used or using friend’s stuff (there is such a short shelf life for much of the gear, that it seems so wasteful NOT to use hand me down items!). Between my folks house, the beach house and our new house — we have more swings, bouncy seats, strollers, johnny jump ups, jumperoos and playmats than we can count. Let’s just say that both my younger sisters will be fully outfitted whenever they decide to have kids of their own!

Triple the fun

March 26, 2008


Introducing, in birth order and birth size,

Alexander (Sandy), Philip and Griffin.

It was a sweet treat to spend a day hanging out with these three little fellas and their mom and grandma. And these perfect gentlemen cooperated perfectly for their photos, fed all at the same time on a schedule,  slept when we wanted them to sleep (mostly), woke up when we wanted them to wake up and didn’t even pee on us. Who said triplets are hard?

(I kid, I kid. I was only there for the daylight hours.)

I haven’t yet made my way through the many, many photos we took, but here are a few of my favorites so far, making their debut here at Hank & Willie. Depending on how you look at it, the boys are six weeks old here or—adjusted for their early arrival—just one week old.

(I’ll post more once mom and dad have seen them all, I don’t want to give away anything they might be using for their announcement!)

So my conclusion after spending a day with triplets? The only thing sweeter than a week-old baby is three of them. Seriously.

Congratulations, A & T, on your beautiful, healthy family!



Position clearly not endorsed by two out of three triplets.


Giving us a run for it










Gametime in tripletville!

February 12, 2008



It’s a big day in triplet town—after a healthy 35-week pregnancy, Amily and Tyler’s triplets are being delivered this morning!

While we wait for the news, and send them our best baby vibes for three healthy newborns (apologies if you don’t know them and you’re just here looking for a brownie recipe), here are a few pre-triplet Amily and Tyer photos to enjoy.

And, what’s your guess on gender? I say it’s going to be one girl and two boys. Because who wouldn’t want two boys?


Amily at nearly 32 weeks—and she made it three more weeks after this photo! Can you believe this lady is carrying triplets? She looks FANTASTIC!


“T & A” at 21 weeks, Nov. 2007


Amily & Tyler’s wedding, 2004



Some of the rowdier guests at their wedding.


Wedded bliss! Maine, June 2004

We’re so thrilled for you, Amily and Tyler!

Lots of love from the whole crew at H & W

Three peas in a pod

November 12, 2007


Bet not too many of you have been to a triplet baby shower, have you?

It is just like a singleton shower, with lots of cute ideas like this candle holder,


except that there tend to be lots of cute things in threes,


It says TRIPLE FUN! 

like these beautiful handmade quilts:


and onesies like these.


Here’s the lovely triplet mom-to-be (and my guest blogger) and her husband (and his new gang hand signal, cause he rolls like that)


and the belly, because that’s what you’re all interested in, right?


Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Triplets at 21 weeks, with many more weeks to go, we hope. (She went right back inside and sat down again as soon as this photos was taken. ) And this is my Best Shot Monday, or as Amily called it, Big Shot Monday!

Happy babies!

Triplets ‘r Us!

October 9, 2007

Guest Blogger # 3: Amily

 Hello all,

Anna asked me to guest blog this week while she and her family are on vacation (and I hope they’re having a blast!). I would like to first echo Maria’s sentiments about what an amazing person Anna is and how lucky I am to be a part of her life. She makes you feel special every time you see her and it always feels like just yesterday that you did (even if many moons have passed in between interactions). Thanks Anna, for the opportunity to guest blog today!

About me– I’m Amily, Anna’s friend who lives in Boston with her pet cat Kenny and her husband Tyler. Oh yeah, I’m also the one pregnant with triplets. So first off, THANK YOU for all the wonderful advice! It is super helpful as we try to quickly organize and get ready for three new babies. In addition to all of the suggested items we should have when the babies come home and all the fantastic hand-me-downs we are beginning to inherit (thanks again, Anna!), we are also shopping for a new house and a mini-van. Too bad Babies R Us doesn’t sell those with a 10% multiples discount, because I can tell you–neither of these items seem to come cheap or easily in the greater Boston area.

So I assume I should share my current life situation in greater detail. Yes, I have three babies growing inside of my ever expanding belly (all growing right on track which is very good). I am fascinated every time we see them on the screen and I keep wondering how they are all going to fit (for many, many more weeks because our goal is to keep them in as long as possible!!). The doctor seems to think they will find room and my organs, stomach and lungs will just get squished.

People keep asking me “How do you feel?” Answer “FULL.” You see, I am supposed to be eating 4,000 calories/day. Of that I am supposed to drink six glasses of 2% milk/day. (Yes, I said SIX and if I could stomach it, I should really be drinking whole milk too.) I am also supposed to eat somewhere between 90-180 grams of protein (my nutritionist gave the more conservative amount, but the multiples pregnancy bible says the higher amount.) This is roughly the equivalent of 25 eggs or 25 cups of yogurt or 13 veggie burgers or 9 chicken cutlets/4.5 large chicken breasts (I’m not a dietitian, so these are rough estimates to help me make my food choices.) Thankfully, I try to eat a balanced diet of protein and mix it up with different options. I have been consuming around 150 grams of protein/day. Up until a few weeks ago, I was not a meat eater…but now I am. I just like my meat disguised on my plate (but unfortunately, too many spices gives me heartburn, so I am slowly learning to enjoy/savor/quickly swallow so I don’t have to taste it to get the meat into my body.) I tend to eat foods that will help me reach my goal the fastest since I am always full and never hungry (eggs, nuts, cottage cheese, yogurt, chicken, fish and MEAT.) I keep waiting for the day when I wake up hungry?! I also assume that soon enough I will be getting a lot of my food intake through shakes (Ensure and protein drinks especially…mmmm…yum!) But in the meantime, I just eat. All day. Every day. And drink my milk.

Thank you again for all your terrific advice. If we ever get our act together (or maybe when I become bored on bed rest which I assume may happen in the near future…) my husband and I will start a blog because we know that life will never be the same once these three little babies arrive. And that might just give us some good fodder to blog about (if we can find the time…)