September Ten on Ten

September 11, 2012

Well. A historic moment here–this is officially the last ten on ten to be posted here–new blog is nearly ready for me! In the meantime, a spakrly summer day in Maine is what I chose for my September ten on ten–this was my birthday, and I got to spend it in Maine, and enjoyed a trip to Marshall Island, a little bit of island paradise that I dream about all winter long. It is remote, empty and makes life slow down when you are there–no cell service, no supplies, just you and the Maine coast. I have a Marshall Island sand dollar on my desk, and it always reminds me of being in this gorgeous island place.  (At the end of the day, you’ll see the Claremont Hotel Boathouse in Southwest Harbor, Maine–another place I’d love to be on a sparkly day like this!

Enjoy another look at Maine with photographer Liza Hall as you go around our circle! Happy September, and happy back to school–may you all have a Marshall Island to dream of this winter!

August 2012 Ten on Ten

August 10, 2012

Well. I didn’t debut a new blog for you this month, but promise you, I love it, it is sparkly and new and pretty and my very patient designer is waiting for me to finalize a few last things. So excited. Oh, and my pictures will be regular size! Gah. Don’t know why that doesn’t work here.

In the meantime–a summer day in CT. Skimboarding, running, a (very long) trip to the pediatrician for a combo of swimmer’s ear and a cut foot, summer bounty from the garden and a beautiful evening concert at Jonathan Edwards Winery. Sounds like a a nearly perfect day to me, and glad I captured it.

For more ten on ten, visit another amazing photographer in this circle, Sarah Null, children’s photographer from North Carolina!

July 10 on 10

July 10, 2012

My ten on ten is taken from a day in June in Monterey, California. I think you’ll agree the boys found Mecca! For more summer fun, look to Kansas City photographer, Nicki Griffith and the lovely Liza Hall!

June Ten on Ten

June 10, 2012

New blog coming for next month’s ten on ten, so excited!  And my photos will be a normal size! (Click to view larger.)

But in the meantime, a day of strawberries, ducks hatching, strawberry jam, skate night and more strawberries. School is about to end, a little boy at my house is about to have a birthday–June is most definitely here!

Click over to Liza to see what June in Maine looks like!

April Ten on Ten

April 10, 2012

Think I’ll have a new blog before the June ten on ten? I hope so!

Here’s my ten on ten for April, from a springy day in Vermont to visit the cousins.

Our circle is small (just for this month!) while some on our busy group take a sabbatical to tend to the rest of life.

You will, however, enjoy the inspired photography of Liza Hall and Sarah Null, I know it!

March Ten on Ten

March 10, 2012

I continue to love this ten on ten project–-a passionate group of lovely and amazing photographers from the United States and Canada taking ten images, one hour apart on one day out of the month, documenting life as it happens around them. On the tenth of every month, we post our ten images, and if you follow our links, you’ll make it around the whole circle. Enjoy.

Click here to see the always lovely work of

Amy Ames, Holly Springs, NC photographer.

SPRING is in the air, and clearly that is all I focused on this month during a regular old work-at-home day this week. I did take a photo of my neighborhood’s first daffodil on my morning run, but that was via iPhone so I didn’t add it here. But it sure is pretty and yellow!

A new decorative creature that crawled up on our shores recently, chosen by Will.

You mean you DON’T keep your earthly fortune in a LEGO bank?

It was a beautiful warm day, and I kept ducking outside to find photo subjects each hour, like this birch tree.

With such a mild winter, my dear Rosemary is flourishing. She’ll bloom with tiny purple flowers in May, they are delightful.

The boys were sorting their sea glass before school this morning, and one jar in particular seemed worthy of documenting today. This summer’s goal? A red piece and a purple piece.

The bane of my work-at-home existence these days.

Touring the yard, I discovered lots of green coming on the thyme.

You caught me—my Christmas cards are still up! My kitchen is under construction, so they hide the places with no trim these days. Plus, I love them. Seen here–two mystery ten on ten members! I love getting cards from all kinds of folks, but I am lucky to have cards from so many excellent photographers, too!

After school found us at the annual science fair. Henry was obsessed with the “fruit batteries.”

(It would take 40 grapefruits to power a lightbulb.)

Boy, is that husband talented. He can even write BACKWARDS with a flashlight. (Word choice his own when put on the spot–“write something! with a flashlight! slowly but not too slow!” This was the first and only take!

Happy spring, all!



Winter Fun

March 3, 2012

We haven’t had much of a winter (NO COMPLAINTS), but I do savor the wackiness of indoor play in wintertime!



And then, since we haven’t had winter weather, the outdoor stuff continues as well. We’ve been tracking Sunny the Seal, a harbor seal hanging out off the coast of Stonington boro, and while we wait, plenty of winter beachcombing is available!

Tiny seal head–Sunny was feeling shy.

Experimenting with a new photoshop script for collage-ing for the new blog coming next month. (Finally!) Sorry for all the weird sizes!

That’s Sunny on the rock. (The one without the blue hoodie and sneaks!)

(Thanks for tipping us off to our seal friend, Chelle!)

February 2012: Ten on Ten

February 9, 2012

It’s February, and we’ve had precisely two days of real wintery weather this year. No complaints here–I’ll take it! (54 degrees on the coast today) But when we did get a snowfall, I grabbed the camera (fast!) for this month’s ten on ten–good thing, because the snow was gone a day later.

Visit Nicki Griffith, Kansas City lifestyle photographer, and see what her winter is like so far!

Coldest morning of the winter so far!

A spectacular case of bed head.

They’re real. And not mine. Seven-year-old boys do not appreciate having lashes like this.

Snowy day!

The thisy. 7.5 years and going strong.

Boot socks. Time to head outside.

Hewitt Road sledding. It’s much warmer by now.

These boys are intense about their two days of snow.

Wet boots.

Sugar on snow, then we read from Little House in the Big Woods again. We love Laura and Mary. And sugar on snow.

January 2012: Ten on Ten

January 9, 2012

I took this month’s ten on ten all via iPhone, and I enjoyed having my camera in my pocket at every minute! Head over to see Maria’s ten on ten this month, and I hope you’ll head around the circle, too.

Stonington Point on a sparkly January morning.

Hemlock tree in morning sunshine.

Thank you, Maria–this is what your forsythia is doing today!

Monday and back to work.

Sneaks at rest.

Our Christmas tree star topper.

Still recovering from the late nights and long hours of the pre-Christmas bustle–it feels DECADENT to read a mystery novel!


Love notes from Henry to sick Will.

Last peek at the tree–time to come DOWN! Happy New Year, all!

December 2011: Ten on Ten

December 10, 2011

As you can see, I’m not posting here much anymore–cannot wait for a new blog in 2012, finally! But I keep it around for this fun and lovely project of mine with 9 other fun and lovely photographers.

I took my ten on ten today, December 1o, 2011.

I originally planned on doing it via iPhone and kind of instagramming the look but—I wanted my real camera at the tree farm, so I cropped everything square and you have a faux iPhoneography look. All taken on the Mark II 5D with the exception of image #1.

Please follow around our circle! This month, I link to Jenn Duguay of Alberta, Canada, home of always stunning images!

First hard frost of the season. Skim ice on the cove.

Purple kale.

This naughty boy was sitting on the naughty step. I told him I had seen an elf earlier that morning. He’s looking out the window for it.

Hot chocolate at the Christmas tree farm.

Henry practicing his sawing.

Home again, with the perfect tree.

Imperfect focus, perfect eyelashes!

The amazing gingerbread party at our neighbor’s house. Each one baked from scratch at home.

The frosting is made, the guests have arrived, let the decorating begin!

Our final product. Henry wants to eat it now.

Ten on Ten: November 2011

November 10, 2011

And here we are again! So excited to see what my group of ten has cooked up this month. Follow around the circle with me! I’m linking to Jenn Duguay from the North.

Some of mine might look a little familiar if you’ve stopped at Nicki’s page–we were together the day we took our pictures.




Ten on Ten: October 2011

October 11, 2011

 I continue to love this ten on ten project–-a passionate group of ten lovely and amazing photographers from the United States and Canada taking ten images, one hour apart on one day out of the month, documenting life as it happens around them. On the tenth of every month, we post our ten images, and if you follow our links, you’ll make it around the whole circle of ten. Enjoy.

This month I’m linking to a friend from the north: Jenn Duguay. Enjoy her view of the world!

October 10, 2011, Mount Desert Island, Maine (with a side trip to Islesford, Maine)

High temperature: 80 degrees

Morning, and one of my favorite outdoor showers anywhere. Nestled in a pine grove, it was handmade, and is one of my favorite parts of our friends’ house.

Henry foraged for the last few cherry tomatoes before breakfast, and then ate them.

On Somes Sound, on the way to Islesford (Little Cranberry Island).

A perfect day at the beach for Henry includes finding at least one piece of rusty metal. He hit the jackpot at this spot!

Have you ever seen such a sweet little sea star? It was stuck on the dock, like a little craft project.

Yes, the sky was really that color.

Homeward bound.

Somes Sound. Water temperature in August? Probably not above 60 degrees. In October? Brrrr!

Found some slightly warmer water an hour later at Long Pond. Air temp, 80 degrees.

Time for dinner and dessert.

P.S. Don’t hate me—my life isn’t nearly this idyllic! I picked a blissful vacation day with good friends in a beautiful place to document my ten on ten. Maybe next month I will show you the laundry pile after this trip!